Rates Billing 2014

by Ricardo Silva

Lumieiro Rates billing-27

Vila de Rates is a small village located nearby Vila do Conde. Every year, the Land-rover lover’s gather here for one of the off road most important events in Portugal, the Rates Billing. This year, I had the pleasure to go to this lovely village with my friend Hugo Vaz that invited me for a off road trip. Hope you like it just has I did.

Lumieiro Rates billing-1Lumieiro Rates billing-5Lumieiro Rates billing-3Vila de Rates has a wonderful rural landscape to be appreciated. Either by car, bicycle or for a walk, one can spend a lovely day here, so if you coming to the North of Portugal, don´t miss it!

Lumieiro Rates billing-10Lumieiro Rates billing-20Lumieiro Rates billing-23We made the trip in this vintage Series III, but man, it didn’t let us down!Lumieiro Rates billing-21Lumieiro Rates billing-12Lumieiro Rates billing-14The man and the machine: my friend Hugo and his Series III.Lumieiro Rates billing-34Uau! And this super girl shore knew how to drive a jeep… (err… a land-rover)Lumieiro Rates billing-31Lumieiro Rates billing-25Lumieiro Rates billing-32Lumieiro Rates billing-36